Puss in Boots

Looking for Puss in Boots costume? Puss In Boots, the most popular side character in the Shrek movie series, has gotten his own movie deal, the movie, Puss In Boots!

It’s understandable why Puss In Boots, along with his movie co-stars, are expected to be some of the most popular Halloween costume characters this year and next. After you watch Puss In Boots, start planning your Halloween costume ideas!


If you are interested in costuming as your favorite feline adventurer, you are not alone. This Spanish-speaking kitty cat has all the cute and fuzzy charm that makes for an excellent Halloween costume.

Costumes with Puss In Boots as the subject are expected to hit Halloween stores both this year and next. They will be in a wide range of styles, sizes, and prices.

However, Puss In Boots is also a great costume to DIY. Buying an orange catsuit, and marketing in the darker stripes is a great way to make a good body for your costume. Face paint, cat ears, false whiskers and a tail are the best accessories for a DIY Puss In Boots costume.

Of course, our hero also needs some clothes in order to differentiate him from other cat costumes. First, get some black boots to wear. A belt, a hat with some feathers, and of course, his cape, makes your Puss In Boots costume really stand out as authentic. Remember, he has white paws! Gloves make excellent paws.
puss in boots costume
Looking to be Puss In Boots’s new love interest? Dress up as Kitty Softpaws, the tuxedo cat who has won this adventurer’s heart. In Puss in Boots, Kitty Softpaws becomes Puss’s new sidekick, who also helps him vanquish the evildoers called Jack and Jill.

Kitty Softpaws costumes are also expected to be arriving in Halloween stores after the movie has been released. Much like Puss In Boots, Kitty Softpaws makes a great DIY Halloween project for experienced costumers, and it has similar requirements too.

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty makes a very large appearance in Puss In Boots as a personal friend and cohort of Puss In Boots. For people who want to resemble an egg, this is a great costume choice.

Because of the large role that Humpty Dumpty has in the movie, people are assuming that Humpty Dumpty costumes will be available for purchase from Halloween retailers. It’s not safe t

o assume that Humpty Dumpty will be a ready-to-wear costume quiet yet, though.

People who are looking for a one-of-a-kind DIY project for their Halloween fun definitely should consider Humpty Dumpty. This will likely require a lot of paper mache, but it will be worth it depending on your expertise. Humpty Dumpty wears a red and gold ensemble, complete with a cream ruff and a tiny hat.

The issue that many wearers might have with Humpty Dumpty costumes will be hard to maneuver in compared to Puss In Boots costumes, or Kitty Softpaw costumes. This might be sidestepped with professionally made costumes that are meant for mobility or nights of Trick-Or-Treating.

For an evil twist on the Halloween costume set, try Jack and Jill. These two no-good thieves are looking to make Puss In Boot’s quest a lot more difficult. Jack and Jill are both portly, old, and somewhat ugly. Jill wears a blue dress with a white undershirt. Jack wears a red jacket, a white lace shirt underneath and a witch’s hat.

Attention to detail is definitely key with Jack and Jill costumes. Jill will need a mole drawn in near her chin. Jack needs fake beard stubble and yellow teeth to really put together the evildoer look.

Due to the couple versus couple nature of Puss In Boots, friends are definitely encouraged to costume as couples. Hero fans can dress up as the furry duo of Kitty Softpaws and Puss In Boots. Meanwhile, villainous couples should consider Jack and Jill costumes as a way to match while keeping to the Puss In Boots theme.