Princess Fiona – Disney Costumes

This Halloween why not dress up like Princess Fiona? Enjoy the party with other Shrek characters!


Princess Fiona from the Shrek movie series has touched the lives of numerous women from around the world. Her story line looks like it’s touching upon the genuine life story lines of countless women who have battled using weight and other personal insecurities with regards to their beauty. Since the character can be so relatable the Princess Costumes has been hot demand for the past several years.Princess Fiona is the lovable princess which has a huge secret through the Shrek movie series. From the first Shrek movie she is discovered to be a beautiful princess during the day and an over-sized ogre by night.

She tries challenging to hide this embarrassing fact and struggles with insecurities until she knows that Shrek loves her in the same way she is…and in fact he loves her more when she has become the over-sized not-so-beautiful version of herself.fiona adult costume

This is often a fairy tale that has unfolded with an increase of dramatic story line over the movie series sufficient reason for each new addition Fiona lovers experience the relating more and more to this particular character.

Today, Fiona is one of the most beloved characters and Princess Fiona costumes abound.

The great thing about Fiona is she’ll be a great spice up character for grown women and also little girls of all ages.

Children love the video so want to transform themselves in the same way Fiona has transformed over the movie series.

Grown women correspond with parts of the story line so need to dress up in Fiona costumes at the same time.

fiona warrior costumes
Since there are so many different Shrek movies and Fiona has gotten different forms from a beautiful princess on the over-sized ogre, there are a wide variety of Fiona costumes can be found.

You can dress up much like the ogre or the princess or some unique blend of them both..

Most in the store bought costumes out there right now are from Shrek Forever After, although you can still find several from the Shrek the Third movie at the same time.You may want to create Fiona costumes of your family from clothing items you will discover from and that you just already have, but with countless great costumes already out there it makes more sense to get one that you really like and which reflects the Fiona form that you just identify with most and purchase it.

If you want something covers you up and also puts you from the character, consider similar to the popular Deluxe Princess Fiona Adult Costume through the Shrek Forever After movie.

This costume comes with a adorable Fiona full length gown which has a head piece which gives you the perfect ogre look.

The Sexy Fiona Warrior Adult Costume is an excellent pick if you are comfortable showing your curves within a mini skirt and halter top.

There are even Shrek Fiona Warrior costumes for the children, but of course thfiona toddler costumeese rule out the halter dress and go along with something more age appropriate.

Think of accessorizing to the complete look, like painting your face and hands green should you be dressing up as Fiona the ogre.