Moulin Rouge Costumes

Fabulous Moulin Rouge Costumes For Women

There are literally thousands of great costumes ideas for women. One of the most beautiful and glamorous however are the unforgettable Moulin Rouge Costumes and Cancan Costumes that can be found in almost every fancy dress store in the high street. The time of the Moulin Rouge is an important one, and no one who has seen the new movie can forget the visually stunning display of dance and music set to the beautiful backdrop of 1900′s France. If you are stuck for ideas however, let us at Disney Princess Costumes remind you of just how much choice you have when choosing Moulin Rouge Costumes for women from just about any store online or in various shopping outlets in the mall.


The most popular costumes are the ones that are featured most heavily in the movie. These are often the best sellers and usually sell out at Halloween, so its best to make sure you can get them in advance. Nicole Kidman’s costumes are perhaps the most popular and there are plenty of these available that either look similar or are exactly the same. Obviously the closer they look, the more expensive they will be, but you could save some money by altering an existing costume or even making one yourself from scratch. A lot of people have done this and to great effect. But for most of us, who don’t want to spend the 3 weeks leading up to Halloween sewing a moulin rouge costume, we can always just get the real thing.

Cancan dancer costumes are a fabulous idea, or even alternative for moulin rouge costumes for women. They can be daring and stylish and can be a little more generic than the exact costumes from the movie. Even the most tame or boring cancan costumes can be jazzed up with just a few simple accessories such as feathers, sequins or fishnet tights or stockings and heels, the possibilities are endless! The corset is a classic part of any outfit or similar garment, so this should feature as the main part of any outfit.

Moulin Rouge Costumes For Men – Some Ideas For a Great Party

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Moulin Rouge costumes are a great fun type of outfit to dress in, and can really get any party off with a bang! It is a misunderstanding that Moulin Rouge costumes for women are the only kind available. This is simply not true however, and we can show you that there certainly are plenty of Costumes for men available, so that the guys are not left out of any burlesque themed party! For the men, there are loads of costume ideas that they can get themselves dressed up in. Just take a look around any vintage clothing store, or just a standard fancy dress shop. These places are sure to have a great outfit that really captures the period of the iconic Moulin Rouge perfectly. So what are some great Moulin Rouge costumes for men?

The Noblemen

There are some very interesting male characters that wore Moulin Rouge costumes in the movie. These men range from dancers to nobleman such as Dukes and even Princes. These were people that really knew how to dress in the 1900′s when the movie was set. They wore fantastic outfits that were very smart and proper. As we can see from the movie, the rich men that visited the Moulin Rouge would dress nothing like what people wear to go to nightclubs now. They mainly wore outfits that consisted of a smart, black tuxedo, coat tails, a cane and even a top hat, which really sets of the whole outfit. Any guy that wears this type of outfit, would not look out of place with a woman by his side wearing a beautiful selection from the most iconic moulin rouge costumes to match!

The Duke

The Victorian influences are very apparent when watching the moulin rouge movie. The outfits are so elegant and you just do not see those kinds of outfits any more, unless of course you have chosen to wear some moulin rouge costumes to your next fancy dress event! Even men can get in on the fun and dress in some great moulin rouge costumes for men which are becoming increasingly popular. Another fun idea for moulin rouge fancy dress is to go as the infamous Duke from the movie. This is an outfit that is harder to find, since it is not so generic as other Moulin Rouge outfits. Just take a look at the movie and see what the Duke often wears. His most famous and recognizable outfit would be the red overcoat he wears towards the end of the movie. This is a red coat with a gold pattern over the top. Couple this with a monocle and a fake moustache and you have an instant duke outfit! This is a great, fun idea for men that goes very well with female moulin rouge costumes, so make sure you take a partner with you to your next costume party and you can look quite the pair!

Moulin Rouge Corsets Make Any Outfit Beautifully Burlesque

One of the most iconic and feminine styles of outfit definitely include the corset. The style of the corset has been used throughout many different movies for a long while now. They are always the centerpiece of any outfit of a traditional nightclub singer. In the case of the movie Moulin Rouge, this was Satine. Her costumes are based around the theme of the corset and one features in every one of her outfit changes during the movie. The corset really makes the best of the female figure, maybe that is why it is currently so popular. The Moulin Rouge was all about feminine outfits, and this was really brought to life in the movie.

moulin rouge corset

The actual name “Moulin Rouge” translates from French into “Red Windmill”. Since the theme of the Moulin Rouge is red, then you will see this reflected in a lot of different Moulin Rouge costumes. Several of Satine’s costumes are red. Our particular favorite at is the red satin dress, Nicole Kidman wore briefly in part of the film. This is a stunning creation the wardrobe department obviously worked very hard creating especially for the movie. This dress featured a corset for the main part, with beautiful, long flowing satin. The theme of burlesque moulin rouge costumes is becoming very popular over the last few years. These costumes are very beautiful and because they are now so popular, its possible to be able to get them from a variety of different stores nationwide. Moulin Rouge style, burlesque parties are now popular. Many men and women are participating in costume parties with this theme, because they are so much fun.