Inflatable Costumes

Inflatable Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

Funny and cool air-blown, inflatable Halloween costumes including the popular tacky tourist costume and the sumo wrestler for both kids and adults.

The inflatable Halloween costumes are some of the most fun at the parties.

Now they even have a blowup costume for the kids and the adults.  Below you will find the all time favorites inflatable fat bastard and sumo wrestlers, and the funny football and cheerleader blow up Halloween costumes.  A few other fun ones are the inflatable headless horseman costume, a ballerina, a can of whoop ass costume, a bathing suit air blown costume, mommy and baby and more.

The Inflatable Tacky Tourist Costumes for Halloween

inflatable tourist costumes

This incredibly fun costume includes a loud Hawaiian print shirt with Khaki shorts and savvy inflatable hoop for that cheeky ‘bloated’ tacky tourist look. These funny costumes are great for singles or couples and always get a laugh at the Halloween parties.

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