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Here you will find the best Disney Princess Costumes on the net.  Thousands of little Princesses have come to love and adore the Disney Princess Movies and stories for many generations.  When it comes to Halloween Costumes, birthday theme costumes, or everyday dress up play… the Disney Princess Costume is a favorite for the Princess in all of us.

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One of the most enjoyable experiences of a girls lifetime is going to a prom or Formal Occasion when they come of age.  It is an unforgettable experience when you can take off your jeans and put on a beautiful dress for that special night, and just let the Princess come out in you.   But until then… or long after as Adults… there are all of your favorite Disney Princess Costumes to just have fun with!

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Whether you are planning a Birthday Party, a Halloween Party, or Princess Theme Party… there is a Great Princess Costume here for you.

Here you will find all kind of  Disney Princess Costumes: Ariel Costume, Cinderella Costume, Snow White Costume, Jasmine Costume, Sleeping Beauty Costume, Belle Costume, as well as many more Princess Costumes!

This year there are some great Adult & Teen Disney Princess Costumes as well to make some great memories with at your favorite party or event on Halloween night.

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You’re looking for a costume for a little baby or a toddler?!? We have a great collection of Baby & Toddler Disney Princess Costumes

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Disney Princess Costumes.com is your best online source for the best selection of affordable, quality, Princess Costumes!

Don’t wait… get yours ordered Now to make sure you will have it for your party. Many children  play with these clothes year around and for birthday parties, and special occasion themes.

When little girls are asked what they want to be when they grow up, almost all of them will say that they want to be princesses. A lot of older women would recall saying this when they were kids, when adults would want to know what they want their future profession to be. Sadly, not everyone was blessed with royal blood and could marry a prince just to become one. While you can’t be a princess in real life, you can certainly dress the part during this once-a-year event. You can wear big poofy dresses, slip on long gloves and put on crowns and tiaras to complete your look. But where can you buy these necessary items?

Advice: Chose the easy way!

For some, heading to the nearest department store or mall is the solution to buy the items that you will need for your princess costume. While this is a viable way, it would be quite a hassle to go to different shops to buy each item of clothing or accessory. There are also others who head to a specialty store that specifically sells costumes. However, not all cities and towns have these shops. If there are, they tend to be more expensive.

The best solution would be to go to amazon.com, one of the most popular online retailer in the world. They offer all kinds of costumes, specifically a wide variety of princess types. They have the entire outfits of princesses that come from well-loved fairy tales.

elena of avalor

Have you always wanted to be Snow White, Sofia the First, Princess Aurora, Elena of Avalor or Princess Jasmine? Would you like to look like Princess Leia from Star Wars or Princess Peach from the famous Mario Brothers video games? This web-based company has their dresses on hand and ready for orders.

Not only that, girls can even transform into a princess from different countries all over the world! There are costumes for an Asian, Spanish, Greek, Egyptian and Indian princess for you. You can also find a replica of a real-life princess’ wedding dress! After the royal wedding, Princess Kate’s wedding gown has gained popularity around the globe, and a lot of women would like to wear her design.

These clothes come in a range of sizes, fit for all body types. What’s more, these costumes have versions for different age groups. Now, even grown adult women can avail of and enjoy dressing up as princesses. There are designs that can even fit babies, infants, toddlers and little children.

Get the look at an affordable price

These costumes are also cheap and will not burn a hole in your wallet. Full costumes begin at $24.99, which is already a great deal! For the budget-conscious, some collections are available for less than $10! That’s giving you a great bang for the buck. To add more to your costumes, the website also offers separate accessories like shoes, tiaras and wigs, that will further complete and improve your princess look. What’s more, free shipping is included in certain purchases!

You can find everything that you need to make your party an occasion to remember, especially for women and girls. It will certainly make your childhood dreams come true, even for just a night

Alternately, you can try some DIY Costumes for your little one:

Moulin Rouge Costumes

Fabulous Moulin Rouge Costumes For Women

There are literally thousands of great costumes ideas for women. One of the most beautiful and glamorous however are the unforgettable Moulin Rouge Costumes and Cancan Costumes that can be found in almost every fancy dress store in the high street. The time of the Moulin Rouge is an important one, and no one who has seen the new movie can forget the visually stunning display of dance and music set to the beautiful backdrop of 1900′s France. If you are stuck for ideas however, let us at Disney Princess Costumes remind you of just how much choice you have when choosing Moulin Rouge Costumes for women from just about any store online or in various shopping outlets in the mall.


The most popular costumes are the ones that are featured most heavily in the movie. These are often the best sellers and usually sell out at Halloween, so its best to make sure you can get them in advance. Nicole Kidman’s costumes are perhaps the most popular and there are plenty of these available that either look similar or are exactly the same. Obviously the closer they look, the more expensive they will be, but you could save some money by altering an existing costume or even making one yourself from scratch. A lot of people have done this and to great effect. But for most of us, who don’t want to spend the 3 weeks leading up to Halloween sewing a moulin rouge costume, we can always just get the real thing.

Cancan dancer costumes are a fabulous idea, or even alternative for moulin rouge costumes for women. They can be daring and stylish and can be a little more generic than the exact costumes from the movie. Even the most tame or boring cancan costumes can be jazzed up with just a few simple accessories such as feathers, sequins or fishnet tights or stockings and heels, the possibilities are endless! The corset is a classic part of any outfit or similar garment, so this should feature as the main part of any outfit.

Moulin Rouge Costumes For Men – Some Ideas For a Great Party

moulin-rouge-costume-for men

Moulin Rouge costumes are a great fun type of outfit to dress in, and can really get any party off with a bang! It is a misunderstanding that Moulin Rouge costumes for women are the only kind available. This is simply not true however, and we can show you that there certainly are plenty of Costumes for men available, so that the guys are not left out of any burlesque themed party! For the men, there are loads of costume ideas that they can get themselves dressed up in. Just take a look around any vintage clothing store, or just a standard fancy dress shop. These places are sure to have a great outfit that really captures the period of the iconic Moulin Rouge perfectly. So what are some great Moulin Rouge costumes for men?

The Noblemen

There are some very interesting male characters that wore Moulin Rouge costumes in the movie. These men range from dancers to nobleman such as Dukes and even Princes. These were people that really knew how to dress in the 1900′s when the movie was set. They wore fantastic outfits that were very smart and proper. As we can see from the movie, the rich men that visited the Moulin Rouge would dress nothing like what people wear to go to nightclubs now. They mainly wore outfits that consisted of a smart, black tuxedo, coat tails, a cane and even a top hat, which really sets of the whole outfit. Any guy that wears this type of outfit, would not look out of place with a woman by his side wearing a beautiful selection from the most iconic moulin rouge costumes to match!

The Duke

The Victorian influences are very apparent when watching the moulin rouge movie. The outfits are so elegant and you just do not see those kinds of outfits any more, unless of course you have chosen to wear some moulin rouge costumes to your next fancy dress event! Even men can get in on the fun and dress in some great moulin rouge costumes for men which are becoming increasingly popular. Another fun idea for moulin rouge fancy dress is to go as the infamous Duke from the movie. This is an outfit that is harder to find, since it is not so generic as other Moulin Rouge outfits. Just take a look at the movie and see what the Duke often wears. His most famous and recognizable outfit would be the red overcoat he wears towards the end of the movie. This is a red coat with a gold pattern over the top. Couple this with a monocle and a fake moustache and you have an instant duke outfit! This is a great, fun idea for men that goes very well with female moulin rouge costumes, so make sure you take a partner with you to your next costume party and you can look quite the pair!

Moulin Rouge Corsets Make Any Outfit Beautifully Burlesque

One of the most iconic and feminine styles of outfit definitely include the corset. The style of the corset has been used throughout many different movies for a long while now. They are always the centerpiece of any outfit of a traditional nightclub singer. In the case of the movie Moulin Rouge, this was Satine. Her costumes are based around the theme of the corset and one features in every one of her outfit changes during the movie. The corset really makes the best of the female figure, maybe that is why it is currently so popular. The Moulin Rouge was all about feminine outfits, and this was really brought to life in the movie.

moulin rouge corset

The actual name “Moulin Rouge” translates from French into “Red Windmill”. Since the theme of the Moulin Rouge is red, then you will see this reflected in a lot of different Moulin Rouge costumes. Several of Satine’s costumes are red. Our particular favorite at GreatCostumes.com is the red satin dress, Nicole Kidman wore briefly in part of the film. This is a stunning creation the wardrobe department obviously worked very hard creating especially for the movie. This dress featured a corset for the main part, with beautiful, long flowing satin. The theme of burlesque moulin rouge costumes is becoming very popular over the last few years. These costumes are very beautiful and because they are now so popular, its possible to be able to get them from a variety of different stores nationwide. Moulin Rouge style, burlesque parties are now popular. Many men and women are participating in costume parties with this theme, because they are so much fun.

Inflatable Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

Funny and cool air-blown, inflatable Halloween costumes including the popular tacky tourist costume and the sumo wrestler for both kids and adults.

The inflatable Halloween costumes are some of the most fun at the parties.

Now they even have a blowup costume for the kids and the adults.  Below you will find the all time favorites inflatable fat bastard and sumo wrestlers, and the funny football and cheerleader blow up Halloween costumes.  A few other fun ones are the inflatable headless horseman costume, a ballerina, a can of whoop ass costume, a bathing suit air blown costume, mommy and baby and more.

The Inflatable Tacky Tourist Costumes for Halloween

inflatable tourist costumes

This incredibly fun costume includes a loud Hawaiian print shirt with Khaki shorts and savvy inflatable hoop for that cheeky ‘bloated’ tacky tourist look. These funny costumes are great for singles or couples and always get a laugh at the Halloween parties.

Princess Fiona – Disney Costumes

This Halloween why not dress up like Princess Fiona? Enjoy the party with other Shrek characters!


Princess Fiona from the Shrek movie series has touched the lives of numerous women from around the world. Her story line looks like it’s touching upon the genuine life story lines of countless women who have battled using weight and other personal insecurities with regards to their beauty. Since the character can be so relatable the Princess Costumes has been hot demand for the past several years.Princess Fiona is the lovable princess which has a huge secret through the Shrek movie series. From the first Shrek movie she is discovered to be a beautiful princess during the day and an over-sized ogre by night.

She tries challenging to hide this embarrassing fact and struggles with insecurities until she knows that Shrek loves her in the same way she is…and in fact he loves her more when she has become the over-sized not-so-beautiful version of herself.fiona adult costume

This is often a fairy tale that has unfolded with an increase of dramatic story line over the movie series sufficient reason for each new addition Fiona lovers experience the relating more and more to this particular character.

Today, Fiona is one of the most beloved characters and Princess Fiona costumes abound.

The great thing about Fiona is she’ll be a great spice up character for grown women and also little girls of all ages.

Children love the video so want to transform themselves in the same way Fiona has transformed over the movie series.

Grown women correspond with parts of the story line so need to dress up in Fiona costumes at the same time.

fiona warrior costumes
Since there are so many different Shrek movies and Fiona has gotten different forms from a beautiful princess on the over-sized ogre, there are a wide variety of Fiona costumes can be found.

You can dress up much like the ogre or the princess or some unique blend of them both..

Most in the store bought costumes out there right now are from Shrek Forever After, although you can still find several from the Shrek the Third movie at the same time.You may want to create Fiona costumes of your family from clothing items you will discover from parties.com and that you just already have, but with countless great costumes already out there it makes more sense to get one that you really like and which reflects the Fiona form that you just identify with most and purchase it.

If you want something covers you up and also puts you from the character, consider similar to the popular Deluxe Princess Fiona Adult Costume through the Shrek Forever After movie.

This costume comes with a adorable Fiona full length gown which has a head piece which gives you the perfect ogre look.

The Sexy Fiona Warrior Adult Costume is an excellent pick if you are comfortable showing your curves within a mini skirt and halter top.

There are even Shrek Fiona Warrior costumes for the children, but of course thfiona toddler costumeese rule out the halter dress and go along with something more age appropriate.

Think of accessorizing to the complete look, like painting your face and hands green should you be dressing up as Fiona the ogre.

Puss in Boots

Looking for Puss in Boots costume? Puss In Boots, the most popular side character in the Shrek movie series, has gotten his own movie deal, the movie, Puss In Boots!

It’s understandable why Puss In Boots, along with his movie co-stars, are expected to be some of the most popular Halloween costume characters this year and next. After you watch Puss In Boots, start planning your Halloween costume ideas!


If you are interested in costuming as your favorite feline adventurer, you are not alone. This Spanish-speaking kitty cat has all the cute and fuzzy charm that makes for an excellent Halloween costume.

Costumes with Puss In Boots as the subject are expected to hit Halloween stores both this year and next. They will be in a wide range of styles, sizes, and prices.

However, Puss In Boots is also a great costume to DIY. Buying an orange catsuit, and marketing in the darker stripes is a great way to make a good body for your costume. Face paint, cat ears, false whiskers and a tail are the best accessories for a DIY Puss In Boots costume.

Of course, our hero also needs some clothes in order to differentiate him from other cat costumes. First, get some black boots to wear. A belt, a hat with some feathers, and of course, his cape, makes your Puss In Boots costume really stand out as authentic. Remember, he has white paws! Gloves make excellent paws.
puss in boots costume
Looking to be Puss In Boots’s new love interest? Dress up as Kitty Softpaws, the tuxedo cat who has won this adventurer’s heart. In Puss in Boots, Kitty Softpaws becomes Puss’s new sidekick, who also helps him vanquish the evildoers called Jack and Jill.

Kitty Softpaws costumes are also expected to be arriving in Halloween stores after the movie has been released. Much like Puss In Boots, Kitty Softpaws makes a great DIY Halloween project for experienced costumers, and it has similar requirements too.

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty makes a very large appearance in Puss In Boots as a personal friend and cohort of Puss In Boots. For people who want to resemble an egg, this is a great costume choice.

Because of the large role that Humpty Dumpty has in the movie, people are assuming that Humpty Dumpty costumes will be available for purchase from Halloween retailers. It’s not safe t

o assume that Humpty Dumpty will be a ready-to-wear costume quiet yet, though.

People who are looking for a one-of-a-kind DIY project for their Halloween fun definitely should consider Humpty Dumpty. This will likely require a lot of paper mache, but it will be worth it depending on your expertise. Humpty Dumpty wears a red and gold ensemble, complete with a cream ruff and a tiny hat.

The issue that many wearers might have with Humpty Dumpty costumes will be hard to maneuver in compared to Puss In Boots costumes, or Kitty Softpaw costumes. This might be sidestepped with professionally made costumes that are meant for mobility or nights of Trick-Or-Treating.

For an evil twist on the Halloween costume set, try Jack and Jill. These two no-good thieves are looking to make Puss In Boot’s quest a lot more difficult. Jack and Jill are both portly, old, and somewhat ugly. Jill wears a blue dress with a white undershirt. Jack wears a red jacket, a white lace shirt underneath and a witch’s hat.

Attention to detail is definitely key with Jack and Jill costumes. Jill will need a mole drawn in near her chin. Jack needs fake beard stubble and yellow teeth to really put together the evildoer look.

Due to the couple versus couple nature of Puss In Boots, friends are definitely encouraged to costume as couples. Hero fans can dress up as the furry duo of Kitty Softpaws and Puss In Boots. Meanwhile, villainous couples should consider Jack and Jill costumes as a way to match while keeping to the Puss In Boots theme.